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joeiicons's Journal

Joei190's Icons
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About the Community

This community is where i post all my graphics. First of all i do a lot of icons, and when the inspiration comes, i do headers or wallpaper. So i don't think there will be header or wallpaper in every entry. I do stuff from my tv shows, which are a lot, sometimes i do stuff from movies either. I'm the only one who can post here, so don't ask me that you want to write :P

About Me

I have a personal journal, where i write really often. Don't ask me to be added here in the community, but comment the Friends Only post. I will be happy to add you.


Alias, One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, Lost, E.R., CSI, House MD, Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, X-Men, Star Wars, The OC, Movies from N.Sparks books


Resources post can be found here.
If you see a brush in my icon or something like that and you don't are in the resources post, please comment to the last entry and i will add you without problems.
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comment here if you want to be added


  • Please comment if you like what you see, i love comments.

  • Credit if you take something, either the community and me

  • If you like a textless icon and you want to put a text in it, you can't but if you ask i can add something on it.